Why do LED floodlights save energy?

Update:08 Oct 2021
Summary: There are two aspects to energy-saving LED floodlights: Fir...
There are two aspects to energy-saving LED floodlights:
First, the LED flood light has high luminous efficiency. The luminous efficiency means how much light energy is converted into every watt of electric energy, and the unit is LM/W (lumens/watt). For comparison, fluorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps are commonly used at home. The luminous efficiency of fluorescent tubes is generally 40-50LM/W. The energy-saving lamp is 50-60LM/W. (This refers to qualified products, such as Philip's, generally domestically produced products cannot reach this data). The luminous efficiency of LEDs is currently 130LM/W for white light sources. The finished floodlight is 100LM/W. (Note that the luminous efficiency of the light source is not the same as the luminous efficiency of the finished floodlight. Because the finished floodlight still has the loss of the circuit part and the loss of the optical lens, the luminous efficiency of the finished floodlight is generally only the light source. About 80% of the total). It can be seen that the luminous efficiency of LED floodlights is about twice as high as that of energy-saving lamps. What does it mean? In other words, to achieve the same brightness, LED floodlights can save half of the electricity than energy-saving lamps.
The second reason for energy saving is that the light waste of LED floodlights is less. In our home decoration, the place where light is needed is not the entire room. The most obvious is the several chandeliers on the dining table, which only illuminate the table. Just like a few flashlights, the best effect is to illuminate the past, but now the traditional light sources, such as energy-saving lamps, all emit 360 degrees, illuminate everywhere, and then use a light-emitting cover to gather the light together, so that the light-emitting cover Some parts have a light loss of about 30%, while the LED emits light at 30-170 degrees, and then uses a professional optical lens to condense the light, and the loss is generally only 5-10%. So this place has about 20% energy saving effect.
Therefore, generally speaking, to achieve the same brightness, LED flood light lamps consume about 70% less electricity than ordinary light sources.
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