What should a complete set of LED tunnel LED line lighting fixtures include?

Update:18 Jun 2021
Summary:The tunnel is a semi-enclosed space with LED line lights, an...
The tunnel is a semi-enclosed space with LED line lights, and natural light cannot be irradiated in it. In order to ensure the continuity of driving and the safety of pedestrians, the lighting project is an indispensable part of the tunnel construction. We generally talk about tunnel lighting in highway tunnel lighting, so what should a complete set of tunnel lighting fixtures include in tunnel lighting? What are the requirements for lamps?
LED tunnel lighting is generally divided into general lighting, emergency lighting and special lighting according to the use scenarios of lighting fixtures.
The general lighting includes the basic lighting necessary to ensure normal traffic in the tunnel, including LED tunnel lamps, dimming equipment and intelligent control systems. Emergency lighting is a lighting facility that is activated for normal lighting failure due to emergency conditions in the tunnel. Generally, basic lighting fixtures are arranged in a staggered manner. Two dedicated circuits are equipped with a power distribution method with one side of the lamp. When one side of the illumination is insufficient, it is supplemented by ordinary lighting. Emergency lighting plan; in a long tunnel, evacuation and induction lighting should be considered in the event of a sudden fire. This part of the lighting is mainly composed of separate line ground indicators, wall lights, and evacuation indicators. Special lighting refers to enhanced lighting and artificial landscape lighting that eliminates the "white hole" and "black hole" effects of entrances and exits.
In the above tunnel lighting, the lighting LED lamps have the following requirements: LED lamps can operate normally in an environment where the relative air quality is relatively poor, the temperature is relatively low, and the light source is difficult to replace; the structure of the LED lamp should be sealed and dust-proof and easy to repair and clean with water. , The protection level of the luminaire should not be lower than IP65, and its installation angle can be adjusted. The use of LED luminaires needs to consider the light distribution control of the road cross section direction, so that the road surface and the wall can achieve high-efficiency lighting at the same time.
There are many types of LED tunnel lights, including LED reflective tunnel lights, LED modular tunnel lights, LED ceramic pixel tunnel lights, LED long strip tunnel lights, etc. It has a number of patented technologies, moisture-proof, waterproof, good heat dissipation, and long life. It can meet the lighting needs of different scenes in the tunnel.
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