What is the intelligent control of LED lamps?

Update:16 Jul 2021
Summary:After more than a century of development in half a LED light...
After more than a century of development in half a LED light bar factory, LED has developed from simple luminaires to commonly used lighting fixtures and then to intelligently adjustable lamps. In addition to the often mentioned high luminous efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, LED lamps also have the characteristics of easy dimming, color adjustment, and great controllability, which lays the foundation for the intelligent control of LED lamps.
The so-called intelligent control of LED lamps is to control the brightness of the lamps by controlling the current flowing through the LED lamps. Due to the characteristics of LEDs, the color change and adjustment of lamps can also be achieved through the configuration of LEDs of different wavelengths.
Modern LED intelligent control can also use wifi or zigbee technology to interconnect lamps with sensing equipment and control equipment to form an LED intelligent control system.
The LED intelligent control system adopts a fuzzy neural network control algorithm, which can adjust the lighting brightness of LED lamps according to environmental factors such as use scenes, different time periods, weather conditions, traffic flow, and vehicle speed dynamics. While ensuring safety and stability, it saves a lot of basic Lighting cost. At the same time, it is possible to use a mobile phone to remotely control LED lamps through wireless network technology, to control the switch, adjust the brightness of the lamps, control the color of the lamps, and turn on the scene lighting through the mobile APP. Linkage control. The intelligent control of LED lamps changes the single lighting pattern of traditional lamps, and determines the light distribution according to flexible scene definitions, which can give users a beautiful lighting experience.
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