What is the difference between multiple lamp beads and one lamp bead?

Update:24 Sep 2021
Summary: (1) Integration: Also known as LED flood light, it is compo...
(1) Integration: Also known as LED flood light, it is composed of a single COB integrated light source. The beam is uniformly irradiated in all directions without a specific direction. Taking a 30W floodlight as an example, its beam diameter can reach 3.3 meters. The distance is about 6 meters.
(2) In terms of quality and price, it is a type of floodlight used in high-quality projects. The price is slightly higher than that of integrated floodlights. Because of the price difference and similar functions, the floodlights on the market use COB integrated floodlights as general products. The main application areas of LED floodlights are: advertising signs, highways, bridges, bridge tunnels, railway tunnels, park squares, building buildings and so on.
(3) LED high-power flood light: It is composed of multiple single 1W~3W imitation lumen lamp beads as the light source, which is also called LED spotlight, projection light and so on. There is a PMMA lens above each light source. Its main function is to distribute the light twice, which can adjust the width and angle of the light. The high-power floodlight is different from the floodlight, which is from a specific point to another specific direction. For purposeful illumination of objects, high-power LED floodlights are mainly used in the following areas: external walls of buildings, buildings, landscape gardens, ancient buildings, and so on.
(4) LED narrow beam spot light: LED narrow beam spot light, as a niche lighting fixture, is composed of one or more Cree lamp beads according to the power and purpose, plus special adjustments. Convex lens, its beam surface is in the form of small angle and long projection distance. As the name expresses, its beam behaves like a beam of light projected into the distance.
The main application areas of LED narrow beam floodlights are: building columns, building walls, specific areas, etc.
There are many types of LED floodlights on the market, and the light sources used are also different. As for the difference in the number of beads of a floodlight, we can conclude that the number of beads of a floodlight does not represent its power and effect. Different types of light sources have different luminous effects, so their functions are different. The number of lamp beads is only one form of its existence.
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