What is LED car light?

Update:19 Oct 2021
Summary:LED car lights refer to the use of LED technology inside and...
LED car lights refer to the use of LED technology inside and outside the car for external and internal lighting. External lighting equipment involves thermal limits and EMC issues, as well as many complex standards for unloading load testing. LED car lights can be widely used in LED car lights to create the environment in the car, with a life span of 50,000 hours, the structure of the LED is solid, not easily affected by vibration, and the light output brightness will not significantly decrease during use. LED car lights are suitable for various lighting applications of automotive electronics, including headlights (high beam and low beam), fog lights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signal lights, daytime running lights, pedal lights, instrument lights, license plates Lights, door lights, interior lights, width indicator lights, navigation, entertainment systems, backlights and indicator lights, etc.
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