What is a creative LED display?

Update:05 Aug 2021
Summary: Creative LED display is derived from traditional display, L...
Creative LED display is derived from traditional display, LED display with special display shape. On the basis of the conventional LED display, the creative LED display breaks the cold shape of the traditional square screen splicing system. It can be spliced ​​into various irregular shapes at will to display some highly creative content.
The creative LED display can be installed according to the overall structure and environment of the building, and the size and dimensions can be customized according to site requirements. In terms of appearance, the creative LED display can not only attract the attention of the audience for the first time to achieve better publicity effects, but also better expand the application range of large-screen splicing.
In our city, we can see creative LED displays of different shapes: grating screens, flexible screens, bar screens, transparent screens, naked eye 3D displays, LED special-shaped displays (curved LED displays, semi-arc Shaped LED display, diamond-shaped LED display), etc., creative display gradually emerged in the LED market.
In terms of technology, creative LED displays not only need to have the core technology of LED displays, but also need rich artistic modeling, structural mechanics technology and experience. In the future, creative LED displays will be applied to various applications, such as urban light carving, environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration, etc. LED creative display is one of the important ways for future cities to show their culture and individuality.
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