What are the characteristics of a good LED spotlight?

Update:20 Aug 2021
Summary: As a commonly used commercial home lighting fixture, LED sp...
As a commonly used commercial home lighting fixture, LED spotlights are very strong and unique in terms of space, color, virtual reality, bright or dark, real or virtual...LED spotlights can give the environment fun and mood. So what are the characteristics of a good LED spotlight? In general, a good-quality LED spotlight should meet the following characteristics: good light quality, reasonable lamp structure, excellent optical design, reliable and high-quality drive power.
1. Good light quality. The so-called good light quality, the light quality evaluation standard indicators of LED lighting products include color temperature, color rendering, R9 value and color tolerance. As a commercial home lighting environment lamp, indoor LED spotlights generally require: the color temperature is suitable between 2700K-3500k; the color rendering is higher than 85; the R9 value is higher than 20; the color tolerance is within 3Step.
2. The structure of the lamp is reasonable. Good LED spotlights need to be optically designed for the internal reflective structure, and equipped with an anti-glare ring to ensure that the emitted light is free of glare, and is equipped with a special treatment optical reflector to meet the interception angle of greater than 30° and less than 45° to achieve illumination. The effect of the wall is not bright. At the same time, the lamp is required to have an adjustable angle function, to achieve 0-30° longitudinal adjustable swing angle and horizontal full-angle adjustment.
3. Excellent optical design. Excellent optical design requires LED spotlights to have relatively accurate beam angles, beautiful spots and natural halos. In commercial home lighting, the beam angle is one of the effective ways to build a sense of lighting. Generally, the beam angle of LED spotlights is divided into narrow, medium-to-narrow, medium, medium-to-wide, and wide types. Good LED spotlights have the following requirements for the spot: avoid tire marks on the edge of the spot; no yellow spots on the center or edge; the light pattern should be neat and beautiful; the center position should be naturally transitioned to the edge of the spot.
4. The driving power is reliable and high quality. A good LED spotlight has a higher driving power supply. It requires the power supply to adopt a low THD and high power factor design, with little interference to the equipment circuit, so as to ensure the stability of the power supply and avoid stroboscopic phenomenon. At the same time, it is required to adapt the dimming system.
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