Why is the turn signal flashing too fast or too slow?

Update:10 Jun 2020
Summary:One of the bulbs burned out or the flasher was damaged.Troub...

One of the bulbs burned out or the flasher was damaged.
Troubleshooting method: replace with new bulb; replace with new flasher.
Performance of other turn signal failure
Turn the turn signal switch left and right, but the left and right turn signals are off. The inspection steps and the cause of the failure are:
1. Turn on the headlight or small light switch. If the light is on, it means that the power line from the ammeter to the fuse is good. Use a wire, one end touches the power terminal of the flasher, and the other end is grounded to test the fire. If there is no spark, it indicates that there is a disconnection from the ammeter to the flasher and the turn signal switch.
2. Check whether the fuse is blown, and check whether the connecting wire is broken or loose. 3. Use a screwdriver to connect the two terminals of the "battery" and "switch" of the flasher, and turn on the switch. If the light is on, the flasher is invalid. If the light is off, the indicator wire on the turn signal switch should be removed (the two terminals of the flasher continue to be connected), and the switch power line is connected to the fire. If the indicator light is on, it means that the steering switch is invalid or has poor contact.
The light does not flash: When the turn signal switch is turned on, the turn signal does not flash. The cause of the failure is:
1. Improper adjustment of flasher.
2. The flasher contacts are bonded.
Turn signal on one side is off: turn the switch on the turn signal, the side is off and the side is all on. The cause of the fault is: 1. Poor contact of the steering switch or internal disconnection.
2. The wire on one side is broken.
3. One bulb burned out.

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