What is the difference between cob light strips and ordinary led light strips

Update:26 Jan 2022
Summary:The advantage of cob light strips in indoor lighting is that...
The advantage of cob light strips in indoor lighting is that it looks more comfortable.
Many people who pay attention to the quality of life will choose cob light strips, such as in cabinets; designers with higher requirements will choose cob light strips, not Taobao designers who have no brains to follow the trend and see the light but do not see the light. The real lighting designer in the design will choose cob light strips to match the decoration, such as space requirements.
The main difference between ordinary light strips and cob light strips is the light source used, that is, the difference in LED manufacturing process, that is, the difference in LED packaging.
Ordinary light strips use packaged LED lamp beads or SMD LEDs installed on the light strip. COB is the abbreviation of Chips On Board, which means chip on board package. Since LED is a diode device, it is very heat-resistant. COB is mainly conducive to heat dissipation and can save product assembly space. The COB light strip is to directly encapsulate the LED chip on the light strip. Since the chip is directly packaged on the light strip, the COB light strip dissipates heat faster and has a longer life.
This structural feature of the cob light strip, its light-emitting surface is the entire light strip colloid. Ordinary light strips emit light through small lamp beads. Compared with the cob light bar, the light output is more uniform, there is no light spot, the color temperature consistency will be better, and the light emitting angle is large. More suitable for decorative lighting. Of course, it is necessary to choose a high-quality cob light bar to ensure the quality and use effect.
However, ordinary light strips, which are common consumables in decorative lighting, are definitely more cost-effective than COB light strips.
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