What are the available types and characteristics of marine lamps?

Update:27 May 2020
Summary:In the transportation field, water transportation is also a ...

In the transportation field, water transportation is also a very important way. Therefore, some large vessels are required to be used, and many functions are required. Among them, lighting is a very basic requirement, so it is necessary to purchase special marine lights. In order to meet the needs of different ships, it is necessary to understand the different types of marine lamps and their characteristics, specifically the following aspects.
1. Ceiling light
Generally speaking, the commonly used ceiling lights are square cover ceiling lights, round ceiling lights, pointed oblate ceiling lights, semi-spherical ceiling lights, semi-flat ceiling lights, small rectangular cover ceiling lights, etc. Marine lamp manufacturers introduce that ceiling lamps are usually more suitable for use in various rooms. Rooms with different functions can be installed in this way in order to achieve the lighting effect. Marine lamp manufacturers emphasize that as long as the ceiling is sucked on, it is installed. Very simple, and the style is very generous.
2. Energy-saving lamps
This kind of energy-saving lamp is widely used in marine lamps. Its brightness and life are superior to ordinary incandescent bulbs, especially in terms of power saving. High-quality marine lamp manufacturers introduce U-shaped, spiral-shaped, and petal-shaped energy-saving lamps with power ranging from 3 watts to 40 watts. Energy-saving lamps can generally be installed in downlights, chandeliers, ceiling lamps and other lamps.
3. Wall lamp
Marine lamp manufacturers introduce commonly used wall lamps as double-headed magnolia wall lamp, double-headed olive wall lamp, double-headed drum wall lamp, double-headed lace cup wall lamp, jade wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp, etc. A good brand of marine lighting manufacturers introduces that the installation height can be adjusted according to needs. And the price of this kind of product on the market is relatively moderate and diverse in style, so it is very popular.
The above are the types and characteristics of marine lamps available for selection, in addition to table lamps, downlights, floor lamps and many other types. Generally speaking, as a product used in marine lamps, the first point is to ensure that the quality of the product is stable and reliable, the performance is put in one place, and then look at the style.

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