What are the advantages of LED panel lights in the field of subway led light strip factories?

Update:07 Dec 2021
Summary:In recent years, LED panel lights have shown strong vitality...
In recent years, LED panel lights have shown strong vitality in the iron field of local LED light bar factories, and their market share has continued to increase, showing an unparalleled advantage over other lamps.
1. As a point-shaped luminous body, the designer brings more creative visual effects through flexible design of points, lines and surfaces. Bring more plasticity to the subway lighting field, which is full of personality and pursuit of characteristics.
2. It adopts a uniform light-emitting reflective panel and a sealed design, and is made of high-efficiency light guide plate and aluminum alloy material. The lighting effect is uniform and the lighting range is wider. Light and thin appearance, complete heat dissipation function, low power, low heat generation and long life span, this has strong applicability in the field of subway lighting.
3. Various dynamic programs can be controlled through an external controller, and the color temperature can be adjusted and the brightness level can be adjusted. The flexible adjustment and control method largely meets the various requirements of the light source in the subway lighting field.
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