What are LED tail lights? What are the functions?

Update:03 Jun 2020
Summary:LED tail light is a special use light installed at the rear ...

LED tail light is a special use light installed at the rear of the car. It is an innovative taillight made of a special light source, and sends a warning message to others when the car is turning or braking hard. LED tail light function and combination
One of the functions of the LED is to be able to gather high-intensity light and emit information that prompts people to perform, even in foggy weather, it has good visibility; the second function is that it can change the color of light emitted by the lamp.
Automobile tail lights include lamps, bulbs, turn signals and brake lights. Among them, the car has a pair of left and right symmetry is the turn signal and brake light.
Rear light bulb classification
There are currently three main types of taillight bulbs: one is halogen car bulbs, one is HID car bulbs, and there are emerging LED car bulbs. Most of the light bulbs made of LEDs are used today. This is because of the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency and long life, and the ability to change the color of led materials.

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