The quality of led line lights is uneven, how do we choose a good one?

Update:08 Apr 2022
Summary:There are many styles of led line lights on the market. A la...
There are many styles of led line lights on the market. A large number of manufacturers say that the led engineering line lights they make are of good quality, low price, long life, etc. There are also some expensive "brand goods". How do we go? Distinguish the quality of led engineering line lights, from which points to analyze, this issue, the editor has collected a lot of information for everyone.
First of all, look at the glue: the serious yellowing phenomenon of the LED line light after 1 year is because the glue material is too poor. There are many inferior glues sold in the name of waterproof PU glue on the market, which have poor waterproof performance and are prone to yellowing. Darkening, the same is far from the price of normal waterproof PU glue, basically the price difference is more than double.
The line lights produced by regular led line light manufacturers adopt the patch process, and are produced by solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, the solder joints on the line lamp are relatively smooth, and there is not much solder paste, and the solder joints are arc-shaped and extend from the FPC pads to the LED electrodes. The amount of solder in the solder joints of the copycat version of the line lamp is uneven, and more than one dot wraps the solder feet, and at the same time, there will be tin tips to varying degrees, which is a typical phenomenon of manual soldering.
The led line light usually uses aluminum as the radiator. The larger the contact area between the radiator and the air, the better, which is conducive to heat dissipation. The whole lamp works stably, with low light decay and long life; bulbs and ceiling spotlights should not have excessive ventilation. Holes, so as to avoid mosquitoes crawling in during use, affecting the lighting effect or causing unnecessary damage.
The quality of the waterproof plug directly determines whether the LED hard strip can work normally. With the expansion of the LED strip light market in my country in recent years, the competition between industries has become increasingly fierce. In order to save capital, some LED lamp manufacturers, They cut corners, such as doing tricks on waterproof plugs, so to choose a good led line light, you also need to look at the quality of the waterproof plug.
If the led line light has such a serious yellowing phenomenon after one year of use, don't buy this kind of light, it is because the glue material of the line light is too poor, there are many on the market to sell it in the name of waterproof PU glue The inferior glue of PU glue has poor waterproof performance, simple yellowing and darkening. Similarly, the price of it is far from normal waterproof PU glue, and the price difference is basically more than double.
Regular led strip lights will be packaged in anti-static coils, and then sealed with anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags. The copycat version of the LED line light does not use anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bags in order to save costs. When you look closely at the reel, you can see the traces and scratches left by the label on the surface.
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