LED car lights application obstacles

Update:22 Nov 2021
Summary:1. Compared with incandescent bulbs, the cost of using LEDs ...
1. Compared with incandescent bulbs, the cost of using LEDs remains high. Depending on the quantity and quality of LEDs used, the price is generally several to ten times higher than that of similar incandescent bulb products. Although high-power LEDs have long appeared, their cost is also proportional to their power. The global decline in the production cost of automotive LEDs will be one of the main factors affecting the large-scale application of automotive LEDs in the future.
2. As end consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of car lights, and as the number of LEDs used in car lights increases, the probability of LED problems is increasing, so the requirements for the performance and reliability of LED products Higher and higher. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers are becoming more and more demanding on LED suppliers.
3. As the automotive LED market becomes larger and larger, more and more suppliers will be added, competition will intensify, and the product quality of suppliers will be uneven, which will inevitably affect market reputation and ultimately consumption need. As long as the cost of LEDs drops to the same level as incandescent lamps, cars other than economical cars will use LEDs on a large scale.
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