If the LED linear light is too long, can it be cut directly?

Update:15 Jul 2022
Summary:We know that the LED line light circuit board is a group of ...
We know that the LED line light circuit board is a group of 3 or 6 lamp beads connected in series, and then integrated in parallel on the circuit board, and there are two pad points between each group and each group. After the LED line light is filled with glue, although it is cut from the pad point to make it into a short size, it still cannot be used normally for a long time, because when it encounters rainy days or humid weather back to the south, rainwater and water vapor will seep through the cut and spliced ​​position. Into the lamp body, resulting in short-circuit damage to the lamp beads and components. Especially for externally controlled full-color LED line lights, each line needs to correspond to the corresponding pad spot welding line. If the corresponding line is disordered, it will not work normally, and the lighting components will be directly burned in serious cases.
The answer is: not recommended. I believe that many engineering companies have encountered this problem, and the size ordered is not available, and temporarily ordering the LED line light of the corresponding size with the LED line light manufacturer, it will take at least one or two days in the process of production and transportation. It took so many workers on the construction site to wait for the lamps to be installed. The longer the time, the greater the cost for the workers, so I used local materials to see if I could change the long size, but is this really feasible and reliable?
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