How to do the anti-static work of LED line lights?

Update:30 Jun 2022
Summary:How do we do the anti-static work of LED line lights? LED st...
How do we do the anti-static work of LED line lights? LED strip lights need anti-static: because LEDs are components that are sensitive to static electricity, if the anti-static method is not adopted when patching the LED lights, the LEDs will burn out and cause confusion. It should be noted here that the soldering iron must use an anti-static soldering iron, and maintenance personnel also need to adopt anti-static methods (such as wearing electrostatic rings and anti-static gloves, etc.).
LED line lights cannot continue to be exposed to high temperatures: LED and FPC are the two main components of led line lights, and LED lights are products that cannot continue to withstand high temperatures. If the FPC continues to be high temperature or exceeds its tolerance temperature, it will cause the mask of the FPC to blister, which directly constitutes the rejection of the led line light.
LED strips can't continue to withstand high temperature. After a long time at high temperature, the LED strip light will be burned out by high temperature. Therefore, the soldering iron selected for patching the LED strip must be a temperature-controlled soldering iron, which limits the temperature within a range and prevents arbitrary changes and settings. In addition, even so, it is necessary to pay attention not to stay on the pin of the led line light for more than 10 seconds when the soldering iron is patched. If it exceeds this time, it is very likely that the led line light will burn out.
Therefore, led line lights with environmental protection and practical characteristics have begun to replace traditional line light products. When planning an outdoor lighting project, it is possible to use LED lights to match the original edge of the scene at night or at other times, which greatly increases the charm of the scene. What do you want to express later, and so on, the planned lighting can meet the ideas that the planner wants to express, and create a more beautiful scene.
The led line light is an outdoor lighting fixture with various uses, which can be used for architectural lighting, manor lighting, architectural lighting, old building lighting, bridge lighting and other outdoor lighting projects. The key use of led line lights is to light up the field, and form a light curtain that will rise and fall from the wall, which is dizzying. In addition, there is a need to provide multiple, forward-looking differences in the lighting design of buildings according to the seasons.
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