How to connect the led light strip after cutting it?

Update:04 Mar 2022
Summary:Below is the LED light strip factory to explain the connecti...
Below is the LED light strip factory to explain the connection method of the cut and the adapter.
First, we need to prepare scissors, light strips, plugs, pins, tail plugs, adapters
First, determine the length to be installed, then take an integer (1 meter) to intercept, and cut the light strip at the cutting opening. If you need 10.4 meters, you need to cut it at 11 meters.
At the end of the light strip, connect the tail plug.
Insert the pin, connect the plug.
LED light strip Z best estimate the required length
LED light strips can not be cut at any position. Generally, there is a cutting opening every 1 meter in the light strip. Otherwise, the light strip will not be lit.
After the plug is connected to the light strip, it does not light up. It may be inserted backwards. Pull it out and change it again.
To connect two short light strips to a long light strip, just insert the two light strips into the adapter.
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