How to choose the right color temperature for LED lamps?

Update:14 Jul 2020
Summary:There are various types of household LED lighting devices on...

There are various types of household LED lighting devices on the market. What are warm white, pure white, natural white, cool white, warm yellow, daylight, etc. When customers choose lamps, it is often not easy to understand what these terms mean What kind of light is it?
In the industry, the United States and many countries have put forward strict performance requirements for LED lighting applications. In 2007, the first industry policy was issued: "Energy Star Program Solid State Lighting Requirements". The 2010 document followed closely: "Energy Star Program Requirements for Integrated LED Lights". Each document contains requirements for the relevant color temperature, color rendering index, lumen, and color maintenance rate for LED lighting products approved by Energy Star, and has since been revised. The relevant color temperature requirements are excerpted in Tables 1 and 2. Only four color temperatures are available for home lighting, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, which means that this is an industry standard. Starting from 5000K, it is limited to commercial use. In fact, the lamps used in our daily life mainly have three color temperatures, warm white, natural white and pure white.

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