How much does it cost to change a set of LED headlights on a trailer?

Update:16 Sep 2020
Summary:According to the modification methods and charging standards...

According to the modification methods and charging standards of the modification shop, the price of modified LED headlights ranges from several hundred to several thousand. If the original car is a halogen lamp or a xenon lamp, if you want to convert it to led headlights, there are currently two common ways to modify it.
(1) Replace the original headlight assembly directly to replace the headlight assembly, but the cost will be very high, generally above 4000, while other brand factories (sub-factories) are relatively cheaper, generally around 3000, but the corresponding quality There is no guarantee, this requires the judgment and experience of the owner to purchase.
(2) The original car headlight assembly is based on directly refitting the LED headlights, and there are two different methods: 1 is the bare light and 2 is the LED bifocal lens.
1. For bare lamp modification, you must purchase the corresponding model of bare lamp and you can directly replace it. The operation is simple and the cost is low. It can be replaced by ordinary repair shops and decoration shops, usually about 300. However, because the original car lamp bowl or lens is used to reflect the light, the lighting effect and brightness are not as good as the original car's headlights.
2. There is also an improved integrated LED lens headlight, the lens and light source that the LED comes with. Not only has a good road lighting effect, but also does not affect others. The price of a set of integrated LED double-lens headlights is around 2000. For example, the LED lens of Xinpa car lights is only 2280 yuan, which is relatively affordable and the most cost-effective.
The luminous efficiency of LEDs is relatively high, almost four or five times that of halogen lamps. For the same daytime running lights, the energy consumption of LED lights is only 1/10 of that of halogen lights. In addition, LED car lights have a simple structure, excellent impact resistance, are not easy to break and can adapt to various environments well.

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