How much do you know about the wiring method of LED line lights?

Update:14 Mar 2022
Summary:Led line light is a high-end flexible decorative light, whic...
Led line light is a high-end flexible decorative light, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy to bend, maintenance-free, etc. led wire
Bar lights are suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor and outdoor local or contour lighting, especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment places, building outlines and billboards.
production, etc. According to the different needs of the market.
The wiring methods of led line lights are as follows:
1. Plug wiring: The plug outlet is to open an outlet hole from the middle of the plug pieces at both ends of the LED line light, which is very convenient to install. Can't do the plug
Seamless connection, the aesthetics is slightly inferior to the bottom outlet.
2. Side wiring: Choose one of the two sides of the led line light to punch a wire outlet hole with the same diameter as the wire, and the waterproof connection will start from this
The hole position is connected with the circuit board. Its advantages are that it can be seamlessly connected, the lighting effect has no dark area, and the installation is very convenient.
3. Bottom wiring: The bottom outlet is to drill an outlet hole with the same diameter from the bottom position of the two ends of the aluminum profile of the LED linear light. The principle is related to the side.
Like the surface outlet, the line lights at the bottom outlet not only achieve seamless butt, but also make the butt wire concealed at the bottom position, which is more aesthetically pleasing!
With the continuous development of urbanization, in lighting projects, led line lights are used because they can be freely matched and have strong practicability.
Make architectural outlines, or make digital screen effects.
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