How much do you know about LED line lights?

Update:05 Aug 2022
Summary:LED line light series is a flexible decorative light, which ...

LED line light series is a flexible decorative light, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy to bend, maintenance-free, etc. It is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, general sketching of buildings and the manufacture of billboards. According to different needs, the product has 12V, 24V, etc., and the length is 30CM, 60CM, 90CM, 120CM, etc. Line lights of different standards can also be customized according to customer needs.
Structural features of led line light: The LED line light is an aluminum profile lamp body of the LED wall washer series. The compact and lightweight end caps and equipment brackets are made of aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting high-temperature resistant silicone rubber seals to ensure waterproof reliability. Luminaires can be single or multiple combined devices. Suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor or outdoor partial or general lighting.
Raw materials and features: The lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy, with clear lines, simple structure and beautiful appearance. ? Rugged? Corrosion-resistant, easy to install. The surface of the lamp is treated with electrostatic spraying, which has good high temperature and weather resistance. The reflector adopts imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high light output.
1. High energy saving
Energy saving power means environmental protection. DC drive, ultra-low power consumption electro-optical power conversion is close to 100, the same lighting effect is more than 80 energy saving than traditional light sources.
2. Long life
Some people call it a long-lived light source, which means a light that does not stop. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin encapsulation, no loose parts in the lamp body, there are no shortcomings such as easy burning of filament, heat accumulation, light decay, etc. The service life can reach 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than traditional light sources. above.
3. Changeable
The LED line light source can use the principle of red, green and blue three primary colors. Under the control of computer technology, the three colors have 256 grayscales and can be mixed arbitrarily, which can produce 256×256×256=16777216 kinds of colors, forming different light colors The combination of the gadgets is fickle, complete with colorful dynamic changing effects and various images.
4. Benefit environmental protection
Better environmental protection, no ultraviolet and infrared light in the spectrum, no heat, no radiation, little glare, and recyclable waste, no pollution, no mercury, cold light source, touchable, a typical green lighting source.

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