How do we identify the quality of an LED line?

Update:14 Jun 2022
Summary:In the current LED linear light market, there are products o...
In the current LED linear light market, there are products of all quality, but the parameters written are the same. Customers often do not know what is good and what is bad. But we must know that the market is also transparent, and the price level has already distinguished the product quality positioning. Here we talk about one of the differences: lamp beads anti-vulcanization.
LED hard light strips, everyone writes that they use 5050 lamp beads. Generally, customers will ask what brand of chip it is, and they will answer Sanan, Jingyuan, and Cree. There are few people who have a deeper understanding, and the judgment is all The same product, in fact, this is the wrong approach. Even if the lamp beads of LED line lights are also made of Epistar chips, there are differences in batches and specifications; at the same time, different chip packaging manufacturers have different skills, equipment, and process standards, which also makes the quality of the finished lamp beads inconsistent. Same. Anti-vulcanization is one of the important processes, which requires high skills and equipment of chip manufacturers.
The lamp beads with anti-vulcanization treatment are more suitable for outdoor LED line lights. Due to the potting glue or circuit board of the LED linear light, there will be more or less sulfur or other elements, and there are many corrosive components in the field environment, which has a great impact on the linear light beads.
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