Does changing the LED lights affect the car? (2)

Update:30 Sep 2020
Summary:1. You need to look at the power consumption of LEDs when re...

1. You need to look at the power consumption of LEDs when replacing LED lights
If the replaced car LED lights consume a lot of power and current, the pressure on the battery will be great, the entire circuit will become hot, and the insurance may even be burned. Therefore, car headlights are used to illuminate the road ahead, and you must not blindly pursue high power. Just the right brightness. The mainstream LED headlights are usually about 30W, the power is only half of the original car halogen bulb (55W), but the brightness is more than 4 times that of the original car halogen bulb. Before the advent of LED headlights, some car users used 60W or even 100W halogen bulbs to pursue high brightness, which is very undesirable, and there are still certain dangers. Some car owners and friends also use 35W or 55W xenon bulbs. Due to inherent design flaws, xenon lamps will delay start and are not suitable for high beams. It is strongly not recommended to replace the xenon bulb.
2. Replace the led lights and see if the quality is durable
Although the original car halogen bulb is as dark as a candle, it is the original halogen bulb after all, and its performance is quite stable. If a new front-illuminated LED lamp is installed, the brightness can be increased. If the performance of the front-illuminated LED lamp is unstable and not durable, it will not work normally in the later stage. Due to the inherent advantages of LED headlamp design, electronic diodes emit light, and electrical energy is directly converted into light energy. It skips the process of converting the original car halogen bulb into heat.

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