Does changing the LED lights affect the car? (1)

Update:22 Sep 2020
Summary:Many car users said that the halogen bulbs of the original c...

Many car users said that the halogen bulbs of the original car are as dark as candles and want to change to brighter LED headlights, but they are worried that replacing the LED car lights will adversely affect the original car's circuit, performance and warranty. Then, discuss this in detail today.
1. To replace the LED car lights, see if it needs to be decoded.
The working principle of car decoding is: the halogen bulb power of the original car is generally 55W, while the power of the LED headlight is only about 30W. As the power decreases and the current decreases, the on-board computer will detect that the current is different from the original current and judge that the front light is faulty, so the "alarm indicator" on the dashboard lights up. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of the fault indicator warning, a "decoder" or computer programming must be installed to decode. When the power and current increase to the same level as before, the on-board computer will not issue a warning.
2. To replace the led lights, you must also look at the heat dissipation temperature of the leds
The temperature of a car led light determines the speed of its light decay and whether its performance is stable. LED converts electrical energy into light energy through light-emitting diodes, and at the same time continues to generate heat, so the quality of heat dissipation determines the life and light decay of the LED. LED headlights have the characteristics of low power, low current, low heat and low temperature, and will not have any adverse effects on the original car circuit.

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