Do you know how the led strip should be wired?

Update:21 Jun 2022
Summary:LED light strip installation method:There is self-adhesive 3...
LED light strip installation method:
There is self-adhesive 3M double-sided tape on the back of each light strip. When installing, you can directly tear off the sticker on the surface of the 3M double-sided tape, then fix the light strip in the installation position, and stick it tightly by hand. As for some places that need to be turned or the length of the light strip is inconsistent. The LED light bar is a circuit structure composed of three LEDs in series and parallel.
(1) The first light strip wiring method: (welding method)
The first step is to determine whether the installed light strips/LED strips use high-voltage or low-voltage electricity (considering the safety of electricity use, it is best to use low-voltage electric-start light strips). After selecting low-voltage LED strips, it is necessary to First observe that there are two dots for every three lamp beads on the light strip, and solder the wire to the dots. However, some children's shoes will use high-voltage light strips considering the brightness and illuminance. If the high-voltage is used, the pins are plugged in, and then the plug is connected to the household power supply of 220 volts.
(2) The second light strip wiring method: (terminal wiring method)
First of all, all the lamp beads are mixed and connected in series with a number of resistors. This is a lamp strip with a 12V DC power supply. Directly connect the two output lines of the 12V DC power supply (regulated or unregulated) to the positive and negative of the light strip. On the negative terminal, insert the power plug into the household AC power socket, or you can directly drive the light strip with a 12V battery pack.
(3) The third light strip wiring method: (driver connection method)
First of all, the light strip with all the lamp beads connected in series needs to be connected with a capacitor ballast constant current driver (there is also a better switching constant current driver, which is suitable for driving low voltage light strips). Insert the two pins of the driver plug into the wire cores of the two lead wires of the light strip respectively according to the correct polarity, and then plug the driver power plug into the household 220 volt AC power socket.
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