Are LED line lights suitable for outdoor lighting on stairs?

Update:08 Jul 2022
Summary:Because of the addition of the base color of white light, th...
Because of the addition of the base color of white light, the lighting effect of LED line lights is more dazzling than that of ordinary RGB line lights. Most of the LED line lights produced by Doen Lighting are mainly installed in the Tibetan lines, which are connected with their own perfect product technology and lamps. It is very suitable for architectural lighting projects regardless of the installation method, lighting system, lighting function and other aspects of the test.
The definition of LED line lights is relatively broad, and everyone's name is different. There are so-called line lights, line lights, linear lights and LED line lights. Why do LED line lights have so many different names? This is because in the interior lighting design, it is because the line lamp is the most popular and widely used product in the interior lighting design, and it is very representative of the designer. But how to distinguish the quality of line lights, this requires a bit of knowledge.
1. Power
As one of the three major components of linear lights, the power supply has a "heart" function. In this way, with the development of domestic lighting technology, the power-driven design and manufacturing technology have also been rapidly improved, and several famous manufacturers with global influence have emerged, which can pass 3C CE SAA FC UL certification, quality assurance 3 -5-year quality can be used with peace of mind.
2. Light source
LED line lights are low-power light sources. The single power below 1W (5050, 3528, 3014, etc.) is almost monopolized by the domestic market. superior. When purchasing, in addition to asking which manufacturer the chip is from, it is also necessary to ask which factory packaged it. Chips from the same manufacturer and packaging technology from different manufacturers will also have different prices. Generally, the domestic famous level can meet the application requirements. If you have high requirements for color tolerance and color rendering, it is another matter. As another major component of line lights, the light source requirements are generally proposed by customers, and mainstream specifications such as 2835 5050 3014 are often used, and the color temperature is 3000K 4000K 6000K and so on. Our country's complete industrial chain can fully meet the needs of the common market without dead ends.
In principle, the lighting order of LED line lights produced by LED line light manufacturers is red, green, blue and white, but they are not fixed and unchanged. The RGBW line lights can be programmed by the controller to change the order of the emitted colors.
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