How to realize intelligent dimming control for LED tunnel lighting LED linear lights?

Update:13 Aug 2021
Summary: At present, my country's highway LED linear lamp tunnel is ...
At present, my country's highway LED linear lamp tunnel is constantly undergoing energy-saving transformation: the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp is transformed into a dimmable control LED tunnel lighting lamp. Compared with traditional tunnel lighting methods, LED tunnel lighting fixtures have intelligent dimming control technology, which will greatly reduce tunnel lighting operating costs and management costs, and achieve the strategic goal of energy saving and emission reduction in highway tunnel lighting.
The LED tunnel lighting intelligent dimming energy-saving control system mainly includes a control main module, a single lamp control unit module, a wireless communication module, a dimming module, and control software. The main working modes are as follows: First, realize the address grouping of the lamps through the multi-circuit power distribution mode, each single lamp has an independent address code, and can be programmed and grouped arbitrarily according to the main control software; then control the lamps through wired or wireless signals Command; then output the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming control signal and send it to the single lamp sub-controller, which realizes the dimming control of the lamp.
In addition, each set of LED tunnel lighting fixtures is equipped with intelligent single-lamp dimming sub-controllers, which can realize the remote control of turning on and off each set of lighting fixtures, collecting real-time information on the working status of each fixture, and discovering lamp failures in time , It is convenient for lighting energy saving and maintenance management. Its dimming mode is mainly through stepless dimming control to control the output luminous flux of the lamps, and realize wireless communication through GPRS, exchange data with the road tunnel remote monitoring and management platform, and realize intelligent remote control.
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