How to match the color of the lamp shell?

Update:09 Jul 2021
Summary:The LED light bar factory lamp housing of LED indoor lightin...
The LED light bar factory lamp housing of LED indoor lighting can use different colors according to personal preferences. The combination of different colors can achieve or change a certain style, and bring different feelings to people. The color of the lamp housing is as important as the choice of LED lamps. With careful matching, you can form your own space and put your own personality label on it.
Just like personal clothes, the shell color matching of LED indoor lighting should not exceed three. Too many colors can easily cause the feeling of space chaos and too strong jumping. The color matching within the three also needs to follow the overall uniform law, with one color as the main color, and the other two colors to match the main color, and the brightness, color temperature, color rendering index and other aspects of the lamp itself should also be appropriately matched. The contrast is not too strong.
The color matching of the housing of the LED indoor lighting should also consider the personal mood, considering whether the owner's personality is warm or calm, in order to choose the color and adjust the color temperature. If the personality is enthusiastic, choose bold and warm colors. On the contrary, cool colors are more suitable for people who need a quiet atmosphere and independent thinking.
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