How to install embedded LED linear lights?

Update:20 Apr 2022
Summary:1. PrepareWhen installing a linear light, first check the li...
1. Prepare
When installing a linear light, first check the linear light, for example, check whether the surface of the light is damaged by bumping, etc., it is best to turn on the power of the light to check whether the light can be used normally. Please prepare the installation tool before installation.
2. Turn off the switch
The installation of linear lamps needs to be connected to the power cord, so before installing the lamps, you should pull down the main switch valve at home and operate it in a power outage environment to avoid electric shock accidents. Line light embedded
3. Slot
First determine the installation position of the line light, then place the light trough in the pre-installation position, and mark the size range of the trough with a marker. Generally, the length of the slot is slightly larger than the length of the line lamp, the depth is generally 1cm, and the width is 1.5cm. Next, use a cutter and other tools to make grooves in the drywall. When we cut the groove, we can't shake it, so as not to cut the groove crookedly. After the ceiling is slotted, we need to clean the slot.
4. Install line lights
When installing the linear light, we can cut the light groove of the linear light according to the shape of the groove, for example, the light groove at the corner of the groove should be cut into a 45 degree angle. Then we put the cut light trough into the gypsum board slot and fix the light trough with shooting nails. Next, we attached the LED strips to the light trough, and the lampshade on the light trough. Next we connect the driver wire and power wire of the linear light together, and then connect the wire light wire to the driver wire connection port. After Z, stick the net cloth on the scales on both sides of the light trough and cover it with putty.
1. Prepare the props required for installation, such as line lights, power supplies, power cords, and glass glue.
2. Determine the installation location of the line lights.
3. The L column of the embedded linear light is wired, and the N column is connected to the zero line.
4. The positive pole of the power supply is connected to the red wire, and the negative pole of the power supply is connected to the black wire.
5. Fix the line light with glass glue.
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