How to choose LED lights?

Update:23 Jul 2021
Summary:According to LED industry experts, when entering the LED lig...
According to LED industry experts, when entering the LED light bar factory and warehouse lighting design, according to the visual requirements, the nature of the warehouse operation and the environmental conditions, through the selection and configuration of the LED lamps, the work area space should have reasonable illuminance and color rendering. And suitable brightness distribution and comfortable visual environment.
How to choose LED lights for warehouse lighting?
We can first consider these factors:
1) Energy-saving: According to the operating time and different illumination requirements, it can be used as a dual-channel lighting circuit or intelligent dimming control lamps;
2) Safety: Lighting lamps with dust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-riot performance should be used to ensure the safe operation of the lamps;
3) Long life: The warehouse should not replace the lamps frequently to avoid the increase of maintenance costs in the later period, and choose the lamps with long life and high stability;
4) The height of the warehouse: the more common ones are 4-6 meters for low-rise warehouses, 6-15 meters for middle-rise warehouses, and 15 meters for special high-rise warehouses. Choose lamps with reasonable power;
5) Shelf height: The shelf height of the middle-level warehouse is generally 2 meters, and the shelf of the middle-level warehouse is generally 8 meters. Consider the height of the shelves, and install the lamps and lanterns reasonably;
6) Illumination requirements: In order to clearly identify the goods and labels, under normal circumstances, the minimum brightness to the ground cannot be less than 80lux, but the specific conditions are analyzed in detail;
The 1-3 elements are about the performance of the lamps. You must choose the LED products of the regular manufacturers, and there will be basically no problems.
The 4-5 elements are to lay out the positions of the lights according to the height and placement of the shelves, to ensure that each channel has enough lighting, and to analyze and calculate how much power the LED lights need through professional lighting simulation software. , In order to meet the illumination requirements in element 6.
When determining the warehouse lighting plan, the special requirements of different types of buildings for warehouse lighting should be considered, and the relationship between lighting and natural lighting should be handled well, efficient light source lamps should be used, construction funds should be used rationally, and the quality of warehouse lighting should be improved.
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