How can the home improvement LED linear lights play a big effect at a low price?

Update:02 Jul 2021
Summary:Generally, traditional T5 lamps are used in traditional deco...
Generally, traditional T5 lamps are used in traditional decoration, so that the 1.2m 28W T5 lamps used in a living room and other rooms will reach seven or eight or more, and the average lighting time is 6 hours/day. It consumes 40 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month.
With the rapid development of LED lighting, the LED strips in the strip LED lights as auxiliary effect lighting rely on its environmental protection and low energy consumption (calculated based on the average lighting time of 6 hours/day, and consumes 15 kilowatt-hours of electricity a month). The characteristics of arbitrary cutting and arbitrary bending have become the first choice to replace the traditional T5 tube as a light hiding. Nowadays, due to the low quality threshold of the LED lighting market, the price of LED strips ranges from 3 yuan/meter to 30 yuan/meter, and even higher reaches more than 60 yuan.
It can be seen from the price that the price difference of LED strips is quite large. For the choice of home improvement, we recommend using mid-end products with higher cost performance. After understanding the market, we can know that LED strip manufacturers are mainly in the Pearl River Delta region, especially the output of Shenzhen and Zhongshan occupy more than 85% of the country's LED strips. In comparison, most of Shenzhen's main markets are in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Most of Zhongshan's products are domestically or exported to other developing countries, such as the Middle East and other countries.
In addition, it is the choice of high-voltage LED light bar and low-voltage DC12V or 24V light bar. In addition to the difference between non-safe voltage and safe voltage, energy saving is the same as that of low-voltage. As far as safety is concerned, there is a layer of insulating sleeve on the surface of the high-voltage LED light strip, so there is no need to worry about electric shock. In contrast, high-voltage LED strips are likely to cause obvious light attenuation due to the board and heat dissipation factors, which affects durability.
Because the number of home decorations is not large, in terms of durability, we generally recommend using low-voltage LED strips and working at constant low voltage to avoid excessive lamp beads current due to unstable voltage. The life span of the LED strip is guaranteed to the greatest extent. The service life of our low-voltage LED strips can reach 20000-30000 hours.
The last is the choice of brightness. Conventional LED lights with luminous sources are generally SMD5050 and SMD2835. If you want to play a role in lighting, we recommend 5050 lamp beads. If it is just for decoration, use 2835 lamp beads. The traditional T5 lamp has a brightness of 1000-1200LM as the standard, 5050 lamp beads 60 lights/m, and the power is between 12-14W. The brightness per meter can be replaced at about 1000lm, and the power is only half of the traditional T5 lamp.
And if you only need to play a decorative effect, then the 2835 lamp beads 60 lights/m LED light strip, its power is only 4.8W/m, and the brightness is about 320LM. It's not too bright or dark, so it's especially suitable for home decoration. The better effect of LED light strips is to be installed on the TV background wall, especially with warm colors. LED light strips can create a warm and comfortable environment.
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