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Classification of automotive lamps (2)

Update:28 Mar 2020

Common internal lights include ceiling lights, reading […]

Common internal lights include ceiling lights, reading lights, luggage compartment lights, door lights, step lights, instrument lighting, work lights, and dashboard warning lights. However, some models do not have a marker lamp on the instrument panel, so it is not possible to judge whether the marker lamp is lit properly through the instrument panel. There are two types of position light switches, which are knob type and lever type. The owner can find the position of turning on the apocalyptic silhouette light according to the marking on the car, and the front and rear lights are the silhouette light. The rear indicator light is generally a red light source to increase the penetrability of the light source, which makes it easier for the rear car to find the front car when the line of sight is not clear. When the lights of a car move from one side of the road to the other, it indicates a continuous curve ahead.

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