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Advantages of LED trailer lights

Update:11 Jan 2020

1. Energy saving: It is directly converted from electri […]

1. Energy saving: It is directly converted from electric energy to light energy by light-emitting diodes, which consumes only 1/10 of the electricity of traditional lamps, which can better save fuel consumption and protect automobile circuits from being burned by excessive load current. Bad.
2.Environmental protection: There is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, there is little heat and no radiation, glare is small, and the waste is recyclable, there is no pollution without mercury elements, it can be safely touched, and it is a typical green lighting light led source.
3. Long life: there are no loose parts in the lamp body, and there are no shortcomings such as easy burning, thermal deposition, and light decay of the filament. Under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life can reach 80-100,000 hours, which is longer than the life of traditional light sources. 10 times longer.
4. High brightness and high temperature resistance.

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